Standards Bodies

This page contains links to various standards groups that are doing work related to CIM standards.

DMTF Distributed Management Task Force
This is the main organization concerned with the defion and promotion of CIM technologies. Current CIM and WBEM standards documents and MOF files are available here. Additionally, check out the excellent 'Education' pages for tutorials on CIM and WBEM technologies.

GGF Global Grid Forum
This group is interested in promoting the pervasive adoption of standards-based grid computing.
From their website:

The Global Grid Forum (GGF) is the community of users, developers, and vendors leading the global standardization effort for grid computing. The GGF community consists of thousands of individuals in industry and research, representing over 400 organizations in more than 50 countries. Together we work for the pervasive adoption of grid computing worldwide because we believe grids will lead to new discoveries, new opportunities, and better business practices.

IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
This organization is "concerned with the evolution of the Internet architecture and the smooth operation of the Internet". There is some interesting CIM-related policy work going on here. For example, check out RFC3060 which describes the Policy Core Information Model.

SNIA Storage Networking Industry Association
This groups members are dedicated to "ensuring that storage networks become complete and trusted solutions across the IT community". One of SNIA's current iatives is to promote management interoperability between various manufacturers' products using CIM technologies. Check out the Storage Management initiative (SMI).

EPRI Electric Power Research Institute
"A non-profit energy research consortium for the benefit of utility members, their customers, and society" use CIM/WBEM technologies to model electric power industry enterprise systems. The goal is to provide a "platform-independent view of the power system" to facilitate the development application programs for distribution, customer service, distribution, etc.

If there are other organizations that should be added to this list, please let me know.