Who uses CimNavigator?

This page contains links to just a few of the sites that mention CimNavigator and how it is being used by various entities around the world.

* Intel has mentioned CimNavigator in an article titled "Standards-Based Management INfluences Platform Evolution".
* ADIC mentions CimNavigator in the references section of their ADIC Intelligent Libraries SMIS-S Reference Guide.
* Dell mentions CimNavigator in the references section of their Dell PowerVault ML6000 SMIS-S Reference Guide.
* The second in a two-part series titled Common Information Model: Modeling and Implementing a CIM provider uses CimNavigator as the primary tool to exercise CIM providers.
* From the Munich Network Management Team is a section of a document that mentions CimNavigator among other CIM tools.
* A presentation from the 2004 KDE conference mentions CimNavigator as developer-targed tool.
* Academic paper that mentions the use of CimNavigator to display CIM objects: An Adaptive Policy Based Framework for Network Management.
* A tutorial from ETRI mentions CimNavigator in the context of development tools.
* What appears to be a syllabus for a class at the B-IT Bonn-Aachen International Center for Information Technology (that appears to have been used for the past three years) - I wish I could read German.
* Mention of CimNavigator has been included in a presentation on a "High Level Trigger" system for DiMuon Spectrometer - a particle physics device (I think).
* CimNavigator is described as being part of a testbed for the demonstration of the Akogrimo network architecture.

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