This page contains a collection of CIM-related articles that I found interesting for one reason or another. If there are others that I should add, please let me know know.

Electric Power Systems

* CIM Extensions for Electrical Distribution and CIM XML for the IEEE Radial Test Feeders
* Article on the EPRI's initiative of developing "plug compatible" applications for electric power management. EPRI Leads Way to Open Application Environment.
* Here is a Developer's Perspective on using CIM from a power systems engineering perspective.

Space Systems

* Interesting site which describes the use of CIM/WBEM technologies (among others) for the management of space systems presented by the Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse.
This presentation about the Cameleon Modelware platform was made at the DMTF last year.
* A related PowerPoint document from the OMG which discusses a CIM model for CORBA in the context of on board avionics and space systems.

Telecommunications Systems

* A short article which discusses how CIM could be used to integrate the management of disparate telecom equipment. This article from Eurescom mentions the applicability of WBEM techniques for the management of an Optical Transportation Network.
* Here is an article from CTI that discuses the use of WBEM technologies for the management of 'Converged' networks.

Storage Systems

* article on SAN interoperability SAN Interoperability Reigns at Storage Event
* An article from Datamation talking about storage vendors support for SAN standards.
* A good summary from the Data Mobility Group titled Storage Management and the Continued Importance of CIM.

Application Systems

* This IBM-hosted site has several presentations on application management, including the use of CIM technologies.

Management technology comparisons

* A nice comparison of various web-based management technologies (in Spanish).
* A discussion of vendor-specific computer management options, centered primarily on DMTF standards.

Press articles

* From Computer Technology Review comes this article on using WBEM and CIM along with IPMI to provide "Last Mile" manageability.

Academic papers

* Semantic Management: advantages of using an ontology-based management information meta-model
* This is the winning paper from the 2003 Global Management Conference by Leonidas A. Lymberopoulos: Using CIM to Realize Policy Validation within the Ponder Framework.
* Here is a Master's Thesis that explores the use of WBEM for the management of telecommunications networks. Included is a comparison with SNMP.
* From Ireland (via the DMTF)comes this paper which describes the integration of CIM/WBEM with J2EE.
* An interesting paper titled Performance Evaluation of WBEM Implementations compares WBEMServices, OpenPegasus, and OpenWBEM CIMOM performance.

Industry papers

* This Paper "describes an architecture and algorithms for online discovery of quantitative models without prior knowledge of the managed elements" that mentions the use of CIM to describe the managed elements.
* A paper from IBM's research department titled SLA-Driven Management of DistributedSystems using the Common Information Model discusses the use of CIM and Web Services Architectures for SLA-driven management of distributed systems.
* A presentation from HP titled Utility Models for Software